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Illuminate outdoors with hardscaping and lighting designs!

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Are you looking for a way to spruce up your outdoor space? Hardscaping and lighting designs are perfect for bringing life and illumination to your yard. However, Done Right can make a beautiful outdoors by combing lighting and hardscaping design. In this blog post, we will explore how you can use hardscaping and lighting to

The Bioclimatic Pergola In Seven Points

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A perfect compromise between the awning and the veranda, the pergola elegantly optimizes your outdoor living area. In its bioclimatic version, it allows a fair control of solar gains, ensures a regulated temperature of the habitat, and energy savings. Light construction installed in the garden, often in bloom, the pergola naturally finds its place in

Paver Sealing – Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Joint Sand?

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Grouting paver sealing stones primarily contributes to securing individual surface elements against their displacement. Properly selected joint sand can also fulfill an aesthetic function. See what joint sand is worth choosing so that the surface is functional and durable. What Is Grout Sand And How Is It Different From Grout? When deciding to lay paver sealing stones, a very

Paver Sealing – The 5 Most Common Questions About Paving Slabs

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Paver sealing slabs are an important element of the space in the garden, next to the property, or on the driveway. We advise what prices to expect, what types of boards are, how to arrange them, what are the textures, dimensions, and how much they cost. Check! What Are The Most Popular Types Of Paver Sealing? There

What Covering Do I Choose To Cover The Pergola Of Terrace Or Garden?

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More and more people choose to install a pergola in their sunny outdoor areas to better withstand the summer heat. It is a very smart option to reduce the temperature of your home, gain ground against the harmful rays of the sun, create rest and enjoyment areas for adults and play areas for children. In

Irrigation And Drainage – How To Troubleshoot Your Irrigation System

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Underground lawn irrigation and drainage systems may seem complex, but the principles by which they operate are quite simple, and understanding a little about the system will help you understand the problems that can occur. With rare exceptions, most homeowners find it possible to fix these issues on their own. How Does Lawn Irrigation System Work?

5 Questions Before Hiring A Landscape Specialist For Your New Project

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Your new construction project is underway, and you're looking for a landscape specialist to add that perfect piece of green to your indoor space or turn your outdoor area into a beautiful garden? Before you go ahead and hire the first landscape specialist you can find, think about what you want and need from this

Irrigation And Drainage – Understand How Automatic Irrigation System Work

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Many people consider having an automatic irrigation system with sprinklers or rotors installed to water their lawns and plant beds for a few simple reasons. Namely, they are tired of: Dragging hoses throughout the garden Excessive use of water in manual watering Time invested in watering the entire lawn Unevenness in grass quality Drying and

Irrigation Drainage – What Are The Main Benefits Of Drip Irrigation?

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Why are so many gardeners and farmers opting for drip irrigation? There are many reasons, including saving water as well as saving time, money, and hassles. But how does Irrigation work, and what is drip irrigation? Read answers about this efficient watering method and how it can help you with your plants. Irrigation simply involves

Landscaping Specialist – Everything You Need To Know Before Hiring

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What is landscaping for you? For many people, the definition of landscaping has only one element – ​​plants. This definition is very limited for an area of ​​knowledge considered by specialists to be multidisciplinary. According to landscaping specialists, landscaping is "The science and art that studies the organization of outer space in terms of current and future needs

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