Why are so many gardeners and farmers opting for drip irrigation? There are many reasons, including saving water as well as saving time, money, and hassles. But how does Irrigation work, and what is drip irrigation? Read answers about this efficient watering method and how it can help you with your plants. Irrigation simply involves the slow supply of water to the plants at ground level, rather than manually irrigating from above with sprayers or other overhead irrigation methods. Not to be confused with immersion irrigation.

What is the difference between drip irrigation and immersion hoses? The soaker hoses are porous, then water leaks across the width. Irrigation systems use emitter tubes attached to a long tube. Water drips from each emitter tube in a more precise location, giving you more control over your irrigation. And now comes the benefits.

Benefits of drip irrigation system

Water Effectively

Irrigation is the most efficient method for today. Because it:

  • Put a precise amount of water where you need it
  • Avoid excess water
  • Conserves water
  • Save money

Saves Time

Installing a drip system will save not only water but also time.

  • Eliminate hours of watering by hand
  • It can be fully automated with a stopwatch
  • Reduces or eliminates weeding

Money Savings

Drip systems inherently water plants directly at roots.

  • Drip irrigation uses 30 to 50% less water
  • In one or two seasons, you can recoup the cost of purchasing the system.
  • Your utility bill (water) will be lower with less water loss through evaporation

The components of Irrigation will last for many years with proper planning.


Drip irrigation systems can be used ​​anywhere.

  • Gardens, vineyards, greenhouses and plantations online
  • Existing or New Landscapes
  • slopes or flat terrain
  • Durable and adaptable
  • Fertilizers can be supplied to the plants while the system is working with a fertilizer injector.

Plant Health

Drip irrigation puts water at the base of the plants, not the leaves. This:

  • Helps prevent mold on leaves
  • Minimizes diseases that can grow and spread on wet leaves
  • Reduces evaporation of water droplets in the air

Irrigation is used on large and small farms, in vineyards, vegetable gardens and nurseries, as well as on urban porches, roofs, and decks around the world. Now, with the water supply decreasing and the cost of water increasing, the demand and popularity of Irrigation have increased. If you too wish to install a drip irrigation system on your landscapes, contact us at Done Right.

At Done Right, we have a team of experienced professionals who provide irrigation and drainage solutions to people all around Florida, considering their custom requirements. If you, too, need some help, contact us right away.

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