Many people do not realize what the right landscape lighting can really do! Beautiful front yard and backyard spaces are more essential than ever, as so many of us are staying home. Especially as we begin to get a taste of Fall right here in Florida! Whether you are wanting to showcase your new Robellini palms, add in some path lights on the walkway leading to your front door, or maybe you want to boost the look of your backyard pergola. Landscape lighting can change it all!

landscape lighting

landscape lighting

As with lighting on the interior of your house, adding lighting to the exterior can be easy and affordable, as long as it is done right.  Lighting outside allows your home and landscaping to now be visible even after dark. You can choose to position your lights to illuminate your flower beds or a point directly at a specific tree that you would like to stand out. This adds in a sense of drama and really boosts the curb appeal of your home at night.

Landscape lighting has the ability to increase the functionality of your outdoor living spaces as well. Many home exteriors have potential dangers for your family and guests, like stairs, pools, drop off points, or other tripping hazards. By adding in the right landscape lighting, you are able to make these areas now visible.

Specifically adding lighting to your driveway and walkway helps allow visitors to see your home safely and much easier.

Are there any places on the exterior of your house you wish you were able to use more often?  Maybe your back deck or front patio? Well, with the right lighting installed, those areas that were once unusable after dark now

Becomes a new late-night dining area or a new special spot for intimate conversations to be had. The possibilities are endless! Who knew lighting could be a way to bring us together even more?