Pavers and Pergolas

Paver Sealing: The How, Why And What To Consider

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Ever had a bad day? You know, when you're in traffic for two hours, your boss is yelling at you and the office roof leaks all over your favorite shirt. It's enough to make anyone want to pull their hair out! Well, don't worry because there's someone who can help you get through this difficult time-

The Bioclimatic Pergola In Seven Points

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A perfect compromise between the awning and the veranda, the pergola elegantly optimizes your outdoor living area. In its bioclimatic version, it allows a fair control of solar gains, ensures a regulated temperature of the habitat, and energy savings. Light construction installed in the garden, often in bloom, the pergola naturally finds its place in

Concrete Paver Sealing and Their 5 Advantages for Driveway

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Specially designed to be laid outdoors, concrete pavers are made of pressed concrete, a high-quality material capable of withstanding external aggressions (insects, moss, etc.), bad weather (frost, UV), without becoming slippery, while maintaining a stable color without damaging. Concrete pavers are made on machines called “concrete presses”. The mixture (concrete) composed of cement, sand, gravel, dyes, and

Pavers and Pergolas – How to Make a Pergola at Home?

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Pavers and pergolas are a beautiful solution to decorate gardens, backyards, balconies, and other outdoor areas in a versatile and functional way. They harmonize well with any style of decoration, in addition to promoting thermal comfort and composing that cosy corner. But do you know how to make pergolas at home? Many people have doubts


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The garden is an extension of the house, which is why we all look for the best solutions to beautify it. Even the most beautiful surface materials will not work if you limit their selection only to a specific aesthetic - the wide range of paver sealing can additionally make it difficult to make the

Landscaping Ideas to Turn Your Lawn into Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

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Consider the possibility that you quit considering your yard a small, unnoticed part of your house, caught by a fence, and rather started considering it an outdoor living room with all the landscape and lighting essentials. This is a methodology that functions admirably for most landscaping projects, and it can work for you, as well.

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