The garden is an extension of the house, which is why we all look for the best solutions to beautify it. Even the most beautiful surface materials will not work if you limit their selection only to a specific aesthetic – the wide range of paver sealing can additionally make it difficult to make the right decision. So what should be followed to choose the suitable paver sealing?

When the work related to creating a garden comes to an end, and the space takes concrete shape, the satisfaction from a job well done is enormous. The garden is not only a space to relax but also an investment. As much attention as we pay to choosing the plants, it is worth paying attention to finding appropriate surface materials.

Including paver sealing to create paths and other small architecture elements. To help you make the right choice, we, from the Done Right, tell you three steps to find the paver sealing for your garden.

Paver Sealing

Paver Sealing

Paver Sealing – Dimensions Matched to the Plot Area

The variety of patterns and shapes of paver sealing allows you to create various arrangements. However, even before starting work related to its installation, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the plot, such as

• Underground infrastructure (cables, pipes, shafts).
• Soil type and bearing capacity.
• The slope of the land towards the rainwater drainage system.

All these issues will have an impact both on the arrangement of paver sealing and on the preparation of the foundation. The type of paving stone recommended will also be different.

It is worth preceding the execution works with a geological survey of the ground, which will allow you to correctly determine the plot area’s parameters. A properly developed design is the first step to a durable and aesthetic garden surface if we plan to use it for years. Also, paver sealing as a surface material, apart from its utility and decorative functions, also has pro-ecological properties because it absorbs rainwater, seeps it into the ground, and can return to its natural cycle.

Paver Sealing Adapted to Their Utility Function

However, knowing the terrain characteristics is not enough to choose the best paver sealing for your particular case. The function of the paver in the garden should also be specified. The size of the material and its thickness depend on the size of the surface that will be covered with the sealing material and the load it will be subjected to bear. In those places of the garden where only foot traffic is expected and where there is no such heavy load as in the case of a driveway, a paver sealing with a thickness of 4 or 6 cm is sufficient.

It is also worth adjusting the width of paths and other elements to the size of a given cube. Small-format paver sealings are placed on smaller surfaces, allowing you to avoid unnecessary cuts of the material. Thanks to this, the cost of the entire project will not increase. It is also good to pay attention to the technology used by manufacturers of paver sealing.

Paver Sealing That Suits Individual Tastes

The final aspect that will influence your choice of paver sealing is its style. The surface should correspond in terms of aesthetics to your preferences and the architectural style of the building and the colours of the fence, and the facade of the house. When choosing the colour of paver sealing, also consider how the surface is used – in places susceptible to dirt, dark colours will work better.
The options for the paver sealing available today are extensive, as they differ in their nature depending on the manufacturer.

Following all the three steps mentioned above, you can choose the right paver sealing for your garden. Once you have these selected, choose the best team for creating your pavers. Pavers allow you to create an aesthetic and functional space, and within a given area, you can use several types of paver sealing with a different colour or format. Thanks to this, you will provide the given arrangement a distinctive and unique character. However, remember to choose a high-quality material and match them correctly to the surface.

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