Specially designed to be laid outdoors, concrete pavers are made of pressed concrete, a high-quality material capable of withstanding external aggressions (insects, moss, etc.), bad weather (frost, UV), without becoming slippery, while maintaining a stable color without damaging.

Concrete pavers are made on machines called “concrete presses”. The mixture (concrete) composed of cement, sand, gravel, dyes, and additives is pressed and vibrated after 24 to 48 hours of natural drying, and the pavers are palletized. It is thus a floor covering which presents an aesthetic and durable solution less expensive than natural stone or reconstituted stone. In this article today, we’ll discover 5 advantages of concrete pavers. Have a look!


Concrete has a reputation for strength and durability. Thus, floor coverings made of concrete pavers take advantage of these characteristics specific to the material. A concrete paver designed with care and rigor can easily withstand climatic tests such as heat, rain or frost. An installation in the rules of the art allows it to withstand frequent traffic. Concrete pavers are, therefore, capable of surviving the years and generations while preserving their aesthetics.

The Price

One of the most significant advantages of concrete pavers is their competitive price. Comparable to natural stone with its authentic and timeless appearance, concrete pavers are, however, much cheaper than the latter. It costs around $ 20 / m² for classic concrete pavers and a minimum of $35 / m² for natural stone—a very good value for money when you know the almost unlimited lifespan of the product.

The Variety Of Choice In Colors, Finishes, And Formats

The wide range of products for concrete is a criterion that can tip the scales heavily when choosing its coating. The variety of colors, finishes, and shapes gives endless design possibilities. In addition, concrete pavers are easily combined with other materials such as wood or gravel. You can therefore give free rein to your creativity and create the most complex installation patterns to create unique floor coverings and give personality to your exteriors.

Ease Of Work And Maintenance

Concrete pavers are very practical materials to handle, whether during delivery or during their installation. A good border, a stabilized screed and a simple joint of sand are enough to guarantee their maintenance—no need to bring a lot of equipment. The sites are then carried out quickly. Their maneuverability also facilitates repair or replacement work. Once set up, they require very little maintenance.

A Rainwater Drainage Solution

Depending on the place and the surface to be covered, the choice of the concrete drainage paver can be the perfect solution to face the problem of the evacuation of rainwater. Indeed, this type of paver sealing allows water to penetrate into the ground and thus avoid stagnation during heavy downpours. It also relieves the drainage network and waterways by preventing their saturation, with a positive effect on the groundwater level. A formula that combines functionality with aesthetics.

With all these advantages, concrete paver sealing remains a prior choice for many house owners. If you too wish to install concrete paver sealing at your place or on your driveway, contact us at Done Right.