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Outdoor Fire Pit Is It Worth The Cost?

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If you're anything, then you're a fan of spending time outside around the outdoor fire pit. There's something about being in the midst of nature, relaxing and rejuvenating. What better way to experience the natural surroundings than enjoying a relaxing outdoor fire pit? If you're camping in the woods or having a barbecue in your

What Is A Bioclimatic Pergola, And Why Should You Choose It?

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The bioclimatic pergola is a pergola model, which is essential more and more in the exteriors. If it made its appearance only a handful of years ago, it was not long in establishing itself as a flagship development element in the exteriors of Florida. Modern, functional, pleasant to live in… there is no shortage of qualifiers to

Paver Sealing – 7 Ideas For Creating A Path That Cuts Your Garden

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Those who have a backyard at home often want to create a different path that cuts the garden. To help you build a fabulous walkway, the team Done Right has selected 7 different paver sealing or ways on how to do this. Check out! Stone Steps The simplest - and most adopted - idea for creating a path is

Landscaping Guide – Five Questions You Should Ask When Choosing Right Plants For Your Landscape

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In our last post, we talked about key aspects that you should consider in landscaping, and today we are going to discuss some tips for choosing the right plants for your landscape. Have a look! When it comes to plants, many questions often arise about how to choose the right ones. Those that we not

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