Those who have a backyard at home often want to create a different path that cuts the garden. To help you build a fabulous walkway, the team Done Right has selected 7 different paver sealing or ways on how to do this. Check out!

Stone Steps

The simplest – and most adopted – idea for creating a path is to place a stone or wooden block at a distance of one step from the other. Then, just plant vegetation around the blocks.

Gravel Path

Another quick and simple solution is to create a kind of walkway with gravel or pebbles. To better delimit the space, it is suggested that the passage be surrounded by other elements, such as larger stones.

Brick Paving

This idea requires more investment and time. The idea is to build a pavement with bricks. Just draw the layout of the path according to your desire and plant around it species of plants that best suit your home environment.

Concrete Blocks

Similar to the previous one, the idea is to make a large pavement using concrete. Made with a more affordable material, it can be a good solution for those who want to save money.

Brick Blocks + Stone Path

Another idea for paver sealing is to use brick blocks with stone paths. Here, the solution is to bring two ideas together. In addition to creating footprints with bricks from step to step, you can build a walkway around the gravels and, around its surroundings, plant the garden.

Mosaic of Stones

Here, the idea is to use the stones to create a giant mosaic of stones, almost like a work of art. Within the architectural universe, this type of work is called by some landscape architecture, one that promotes the dialogue between construction and plants.

Wooden Signs

This solution is similar to that of concrete blocks and bricks, but the key idea here is to use wooden boards. Before you take on this idea to create your paver sealing, mind that care must be taken with the environment in which this will be applied to prevent more rapid deterioration.

Did you like any of these garden path ideas? If so, share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. And in case you need professional assistance to implement the idea that you like, don’t hesitate to contact Done Right. We are a team of professionals known for providing paver sealing all around Florida.

In addition to implementing the ideas given above, our creative team can create a custom project of paver sealing adapted to your needs. So, share your idea or space details with us and let us think of the best path for you.