The Bioclimatic Pergola In Seven Points

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A perfect compromise between the awning and the veranda, the pergola elegantly optimizes your outdoor living area. In its bioclimatic version, it allows a fair control of solar gains, ensures a regulated temperature of the habitat, and energy savings. Light construction installed in the garden, often in bloom, the pergola naturally finds its place in

What Covering Do I Choose To Cover The Pergola Of Terrace Or Garden?

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More and more people choose to install a pergola in their sunny outdoor areas to better withstand the summer heat. It is a very smart option to reduce the temperature of your home, gain ground against the harmful rays of the sun, create rest and enjoyment areas for adults and play areas for children. In

Advantages Of Installing A Pergola In Your Garden

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Installing a pergola in your garden or terrace is one of the best resources to get shade and be able to enjoy the outdoors. These useful accessories have two functions, on the one hand, they protect from the sun, and on the other, they decorate the outdoor spaces. Below we show you the advantages and types of

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