Grouting paver sealing stones primarily contributes to securing individual surface elements against their displacement. Properly selected joint sand can also fulfill an aesthetic function. See what joint sand is worth choosing so that the surface is functional and durable.

What Is Grout Sand And How Is It Different From Grout?

When deciding to lay paver sealing stones, a very important step is grouting (or pointing). Thanks to it, paver sealing stones, terrace tiles, and other elements located on driveways, terraces, or paths are stable and durable. Sand is the most popular binder for paving stones. This is one of the oldest and most classic methods. Sand joint for paving stones is a proven, very easy to apply, and effective solution.

Sand for jointing the cubes must be rinsed and clean – it can also be with the addition of basalt or ground granite. It can be, for example, polymer joint sand, ecological joint sand, or grouting paving stones with cement. If the sand is not properly selected, weeds that do not look aesthetically pleasing may appear in the gaps between the cubes in a short time.

Polymer sand for paver sealing stones and its ecological versions is a good solution because it is perfectly permeable to water, and the surface becomes more flexible thanks to it. Traditional sand likes to be washed out from time to time, so it is worth replacing these losses once a year or two. An alternative to sand is resin-based joints, which are sold as ready-made preparations.

These can be joints that thicken on their own or those that need to be filled with water. The advantage of such a resin-based joint is the fact that it can be purchased in various color versions and the colors of the paver sealing stones can be easily matched. However, it is not an ecological solution, unlike, for example, the natural Stones Eco joint sand. This product is completely safe for health, does not contain harmful substances, and ensures a harmless level of emission of ingredients into the soil. Moreover, the price is very favorable in relation to the quality of Stones Eco joint sand.

grout sand

grout sand

Product Features

Proper care of gardens and the surroundings of the property is not only about the vegetation and cleanliness in the garden, but also about the aesthetics and functionality of all concrete surfaces. Thanks to the use of Stones Eco joint sand, a satisfactory result can be achieved with little effort. This sand was made of natural, dried, high-quality crushed sand, stabilized by a mineral-vegetable binding agent. This product is completely safe for health and does not contain harmful substances. What’s more, it is an innovative solution, because it is resistant to erosion, properly certified and tested, reduces the growth of weeds, and ensures self-healing of microcracks during contact with water.

The most important features of the Stones Eco product are:

  • Self-Healing,
  • Eco-Friendliness,
  • Ease Of Application,
  • Resilience,
  • Inhibition Of Weed Growth,
  • Does Not Create A Raid,
  • High Aesthetics.

Advantages of using Stones Eco joint sand

The use of Stones Eco joint sand is one of the best solutions for pointing paving stones. This product has many advantages:

  • Provides an aesthetic and practical effect for many years.
  • It is ecological, biodegradable, and safe for the environment and health.
  • It was created based on modern technology.
  • It has the ability to heal itself whenever it comes into contact with water.
  • Easier garden care – the Stones Eco sand saves a lot of time and reduces the amount of domestic work, eliminating, among others, the need to pull out weeds.

Why Is Stones Eco Sand A Good Choice?

The grouted paving stone surface is much more functional. It is easier to keep them clean, and the concrete elements placed on them are more durable and stable and do not overgrow with unnecessary vegetation. The advantage of the Stones Eco sand is that it can be easily refilled and repaired quickly. Damaged areas can be easily and quickly filled by following the sand application instructions. However, the most important feature that makes Stones Eco joint sand a good choice is its eco-friendliness. This product is a natural binder, without polymers and cement. It is intended for surfaces with low and medium intensity and low-speed traffic. Perfect for paths, pavements, terraces, and driveways.

What Colors Of Terrace Slabs Or Paver Sealing Stones Combine With The Colors Of Joint Sand?

Stones Eco joint sand is a top-quality product that not only increases the durability of the surface but also ensures its unique character and high aesthetics. It is a small detail, and yet it has a great influence on the functionality and appearance of the surroundings. Properly selected sand emphasizes the color of paver sealing stones or terrace slabs, and at the same time improves the load-bearing capacity of the surface. Stones Eco, joint sand is available in three universal colors: light gray, dark gray, and beige. The shades are so universal that they can be easily matched to the colors of the tiles or cubes.

Classic paver sealing stones are gray, but are also available in a bolder range of colors, ranging from various melanges to intense colors of red or yellow. Beige sand is perfect for warm shades, while gray, black, or cool cubes are matched by gray sand. Antiqued paver sealing stones are also popular, which in combination with, for example, light gray sand create an original arrangement in a rustic or modern style.

Similarly, you can combine sand with terrace tiles. The tiles also have different colors – from white to anthracite. A combination of white or black tiles with light gray joint sand is perfect for a minimalist-style property, and anthracite tiles and beige sand for Mediterranean-style gardens and terraces. The different shades of Stones Eco are also suitable for patio tiles imitating architectural concrete or stone. The versatility of joint sand makes it extremely practical and a great complement to any style arrangement.

Do you wish to have more information about what sand color you should choose for your project, get in touch with our pavement experts at Done Right? We are a team of professionals known for providing paver sealing all around Florida. In addition to designing the pavement, our creative team can create a custom project of paver sealing adapted to your needs. So, share your idea or space details with us and let us think of the best path for you.