Irrigation is an agricultural technique that provides water for the most varied types of plants and crops, in a controlled manner, in sufficient volume and in the appropriate period.

Previously, the land was considered infinite for agriculture, and little was invested in methods of its use.

However, after several years of research and studies, many irrigation techniques were developed to find practices that guarantee less negative impacts on nature and, at the same time, are capable of increasing productivity.

Today we know that irrigation is fundamental in agriculture and also for gardening. Therefore, it is essential to know the main irrigation systems and make the most suitable choice for your use, depending on your type of business.

In this article, we will learn a little about each of them, highlighting their benefits and applications. Check out!

Main Types Of Irrigation

For every need and form of planting, there is a suitable type of irrigation. See below the most used:

  •  Sprinkler Irrigation

The sprinkler irrigation system is one of the most used on the market, as it can be compared to the natural irrigation process. That is, it simulates rainfall.

This technique throws water through the air jets, directed to the region where the planting is to be wet.

During the process, due to pressure, the water is transformed into droplets, making these jets more uniform, ideal for the distribution of the cultivable to grow strong and resistant.

This irrigation system can be used in any type of plantation and soil, and its application is widespread in large areas because of its more significant reach.

As an advantage, there is the low labor cost and efficiency in water distribution.

The downside is the increase in diseases caused by damp foliage and high energy cost.

  •  Micro-Sprinkler Irrigation

The micro-sprinkler irrigation system also launches jets directed at the plantations. However, micro-sprinkler is much smoother, uniform and even more economical.

Therefore, it is considered to be more efficient than the conventional sprinkler system.

It is also very suitable for different types of crops, but flower crops and gardening use them more often, precisely because of the milder intensity.

  •  Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a localized irrigation system where the drippers are placed close to the plants.

Through them, the crop is irrigated without the foliage getting wet, as only the soil receives water.

This irrigation system can be used for virtually any garden, especially for fruit and vegetable production. With dripping, water loss through evaporation is reduced, providing better use, in addition to low cost, easy cleaning and replacement.

Ready? Now that you already know the main types of irrigation systems, it is much easier to choose the ideal one for your plantation.

Don’t forget to consider the type of plant you will be watering, your water storage, and the size of the area to be irrigated so you don’t have problems after installation.

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