What is landscaping for you? For many people, the definition of landscaping has only one element – ​​plants. This definition is very limited for an area of ​​knowledge considered by specialists to be multidisciplinary.

According to landscaping specialists, landscaping is “The science and art that studies the organization of outer space in terms of current and future needs and the aesthetic desires of man.”

Landscaping Is Art

The creation of external spaces is possible thanks to the creativity of the landscaper who, using the elements of the composition, creates the gardens in order to meet the needs and expectations of his client.

Landscaping Is Science

For the landscaping specialist to create the outdoor spaces, he needs to have, among others, knowledge of:

  • History
  • Sociology
  • Botany
  • Plant Morphology and Physiology
  • Ecology
  • Geobotany
  • Plant Nutrition
  • Soil Sciences
  • Composition elements
  • Design
  • Sustainability
  • Lighting

Landscaping Project? Which Places Is It For?

A question that may arise is for which locations it is possible to hire a Landscaping specialist. Below are suggestions of places that can receive a Landscaping Project.

  • Balcony of an apartment
  • The recreation area of ​​a residence
  • Garden of a farm, farm or stud farm
  • Real estate developments
  • mall
  • University campus
  • Parks and Squares
  • Gas station
  • garden of a building
  • Rest area for patients at a clinic
  • Play area for a crèche
  • Garden or leisure area of ​​a company or industry
  • Sidewalks and Avenues
  • Hotels

The Aesthetics In Landscape

The aesthetic design in a landscaping project follows the principles of composition to be considered an artistic work. Unity, harmony, scale, proportion, balance, rhythm, texture, volume, perspective, contrast and the focal point must all be present in a landscaping project. When visiting this garden after its implantation, it is possible to identify each of these elements marking their presence in the Composition.

Landscaping Functionality

The organization of external spaces is done by tracking the customer’s profile. For that, the landscaper gathers the following information:

  • What does the customer expect from the garden
  • How does the customer intend to use for the garden
  • Who will use the environments to be created
  • What age group
  • What are your requirements and social habits of users
  • Are there animals present? What is the breed?
  • Do they usually receive friends for dinners and parties?

With this information, the landscaper will define which elements of the landscaping will be used to meet the customer’s wishes and needs by creating an Exclusive Project!

landscaping specialist

Designing Leisure Areas

The outdoor areas are one of the main reasons why comfortable apartments are exchanged for a house with a backyard. But these outdoor areas can be just another place if it doesn’t have some attraction that invites its residents to stay there.

With the definition of the functions and uses that will be given to the external areas, the landscape designer will start the Landscaping Project for the backyard that will become the leisure area of ​​the family, company or condominium.

The use of furniture will provide the resident with conditions for him to remain in this garden and enjoy contact with Nature.

How The Project Takes Place

The complete Landscaping Project is divided into three parts:

Preliminary Study

  • Site visit
  • Customer interview
  • Survey of technical data and environmental conditions
  • Photographic survey of the area

Preliminary Project

  • Presentation of proposed solutions on a scaled floor plan
  • 3D images
  • Implantation of flower beds with the specification of all vegetation and presentation of species through images
  • Proposal of landscape elements such as a deck, pergola, panels, swimming pool, ground fire, vertical garden, green roof, etc.
  • Proposed lighting, paging of floors, furniture, vases and flower boxes.

Executive Project

  • Floor plan with the implementation of the proposed landscape elements with details, sections and elevations of the proposed items.
  • Details of floors, furniture and lighting, with quantities.
  • Budgets with sizes and quantities

What You Will Receive At The End Of The Work

Upon completion of the Landscaping Project, the landscape designer will deliver:


  • Implantation
  • Lighting
  • Floor paging
  • Furniture detailing
  • Detailing of wooden elements (deck, pergola, panels)
  • Detailing of metal elements
  • Constructive details
  • Planting Details
  • Flowerbed and planter executive


  • Vegetation with tables and photos
  • Lighting with tables and photos
  • Furniture with specification and photos
  • Floors with footage and photos
  • Playground with specification and photos
  • Planting guidelines


  • Vegetation with inputs and labor
  • Lighting equipment
  • Furniture
  • Floors
  • Wooden elements (deck, pergola, panels)
  • Metal elements (panels, dividers, floor fire)
  • Vases and flower boxes

How To Choose Your Landscaping Specialist

Of course, you always want the best for yourself and your family. This happens when you choose your doctor, your architect and even your daycare. So, too, it should be your landscaper’s choice.

You need to feel security and affinity for this professional as well. Assurance that he has the necessary knowledge to resolve all issues that may arise both in the design phase and in the implementation phase of your garden. And affinity or empathy, so you can have the freedom to make whatever placements and requests you want for your garden. Discover as much of the professional’s work as possible to get to know his style and see what you like best in the projects he has already created.

When hiring a Landscaping specialist to create your garden, you will also have the possibility to do the implementation in stages. For this, you will receive the necessary information on where you should start and what sequence you should follow so that your garden will be exactly as designed in the end.

We at Done Right have years of experience, know-how in projects, implementations and maintenance consultancy. Our experience allows us to design projects with a view to future plant development. We bring together knowledge from various areas to offer you the very best in landscaping technologies. We create projects with a focus on functionality without leaving aside beauty and ease of maintenance.

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