What a pleasure it is to be able to enjoy your backyard with your family and friends, even after dark. Landscape lighting systems add serenity, security, beauty, and value to your property. A backyard garden is a place that enchants with all the colours of nature, lush vegetation, and impressive small architecture in full sun. With the onset of dusk, however, all landscape elements become less visible, and the space takes on a somewhat mysterious character. For this reason, especially on autumn and winter days, when it quickly gets dark outside, it is worth using an external lighting system. A DoneRight expert tells us why it is still a good solution.

Why Invest In Landscape Lighting?

Installation of landscape lighting is a reliable way to illuminate the home space, highlight the most important places in the garden and display decorative details on the facade of the building. Properly selected lamps also allow you to create an atmospheric atmosphere within the property by accentuating interesting plant specimens or elements of small architecture. At the same time, they significantly increase the level of safety of residents. Thanks to them, it is easier in the evening to hit the door lock with the key, navigate the garden paths and the driveway, and also control the children playing on the terrace on an autumn afternoon.

Outdoor lamps lit after dark also protect the property from intruders who will find it more difficult to hide in the nooks and crannies of the plot. When planning a landscape lighting system, it is important to bear in mind, above all, practical considerations and the safety of the household members. The most important places where we should install luminaires are, therefore, the area of ​​the gate and the front door to the house, terrace or porch, as well as passageways and driveway. If there is a gazebo, grill, or other relaxation areas in the garden, placing a few light fittings, there is also worth considering. However, they do not have to be permanently lit lamps, but the lamps are equipped with a motion sensor.

Improvise The Perfect Arrangement

Of course, it is worth remembering that the lamps located throughout the property also have an aesthetic function. Therefore, they should blend in perfectly with the entire arrangement and be consistent with the character of the house, and at the same time be appropriately selected for the purpose. Standing models will work best in some places on the plot plan and in others, e.g., wall models. Sometimes it is also good to combine different luminaires or opt for less obvious concepts.

Let’s also take a closer look at the communication routes on the property. Here, standing luminaires with a stream directed downwards works perfectly, thanks to which the light does not blind us. It is also worth paying attention to inrun solutions that discreetly, from the ground level, help to safely navigate alleys or driveways.

In Landscape lighting, an interesting idea to illuminate the garden space and add its unusual character is the combination of simple, classic lamps with a decorative variant. “Effective luminaires in the form of a ball or models resembling natural stone will look great at the entrance of the house or on a well-kept lawn. Some fixtures are also equipped with a remote control that allows you to control colour effects in landscape lighting.

Maximum Safety Every Day

Properly selected and arranged landscape lighting will help brighten up sensitive points to the garden and perfectly complement the entire arrangement. However, for it to really fulfil all the hopes placed in it, it must be completely safe and resistant to external factors. It should also be economical so that the device does not generate high costs when switched on for a long time. Thanks to special transformers, modern landscape lighting are supplied with a voltage of 12 V that is safe for users. In combination with the use of LED technology in the luminaires, such a system is extremely energy-efficient.

An important issue is also the ease of installation, which is influenced by factors such as requirements for the location of the transformer, unrolling in the field and masking the cable, creating branches, or the method of connecting luminaires. Currently, there are seats available that are equipped with special connectors that enable quick and easy execution of the entire landscape lighting installation (without the need for electrical qualifications).

Landscape lighting helps to bring out the aesthetic values ​​of the surroundings, but also more and more often, it is a distinctive decorative accent. With a very wide range of lamps with various designs, we can easily match the selected models to the prevailing style.

With this, there are numerous other reasons to invest in landscape lighting. To know these, stay tuned in, and in case you need professional help, contact the landscape lighting experts at Done Right.