There are many types, shapes, and colors of paving stones available for paver sealing on the market. It seems almost impossible to know all the possibilities, let alone efficiently combine various elements into one coherent whole. So it’s no surprise that many homeowners are looking for advice on which paving stone color is best for their brown roof. And yet, not only the driveway should match the surroundings, but the entire style of the building, its facade, shutters, gutters, and everything that is nearby.

Difficult task? Fortunately not. Several rules will help us create a surface that perfectly harmonizes with the environment.

pever sealing

paver sealing

Remember About This When Choosing The Color Of The Paving Stones For Paver Sealing

When designing the surface, first of all, pay attention to the functionality of the selected solutions. On the driveway, darker cubes will be best, on which the dirt left by the car’s tires will not be so visible. Consider using a color melange instead of a solid color. It cleverly “hides” stains, for example, after engine oil. This approach can save a lot of work in the future, which would otherwise have to be spent on frequent pavement cleaning.

On the other hand, light colors will work well for marking edges and garden paths. They will also be vital for dark facades. They will illuminate them and introduce an exciting contrast to the composition. It is also a good solution when we already have a bright terrace and stairs. The dark cube would separate too much from the rest, creating an unpleasant color clash. However, if we want to use a dark cube for practical reasons, let’s take care of a gentle color transition from a light terrace to a darker one.

Golden Rules For Selecting The Colors Of Paving Stones For Paver Sealing

Designers anonymously advise not to use more than three cube colors on one plane. And it is definitely a piece of good advice. It is worth limiting the number of colors and types of paving stones used in different places. Take a look at the house, garden, driveway, and door path as a whole. Too many colors and shapes can introduce unpleasant chaos, which will be difficult to control after all pavements are paved.

Choose cold or dark colors and consistently apply them to all surfaces visible from the outside. Let the color of the paving stones be a consequence of the decisions made earlier. Stick to one color palette and use contrasts wisely. They are an exciting element of the surface, giving it character. However, too many contrasting elements will blur this effect and create the impression of a lack of order and satiety.

After all, allow yourself to create creative solutions. Do not look at the rigid rules about what color of paving stones should be chosen for the red roof. The truth is, trends change quite a bit, even for concrete surfaces. And not always the best solution will be to match the paving stone to the color of the tile. It is worth looking at the neighborhood as a whole, the individual elements of which should harmonize with each other.

Choose the effect you want and decide what the paving stone should look like. Although necessary, colors cannot be the only determinant of a project. At the same time, remember about the various uses of the surfaces you design and pay attention to the technical parameters of the selected solutions.

A Choice That Won’t Be Easy To Change

It is not enough to ask the question of what color of paver sealing is ideal for the yellow house to perfectly match the color scheme. The intensity of a given color, its shade, and the area in which it is also counted. Too many yellows and shades of beige will look bland. However, the grays themselves – sad.

It takes some time and knowledge to combine all these elements perfectly. This is why most guides recommend that you put the pavement design in the hands of an experienced designer.

This advice is worth considering seriously. Especially when we consider the cost of the investment and the time of its use, once designed, the driveway will stay with us for a very long time, and we will undoubtedly be reluctant to think about digging it up and putting it back together. Therefore, the choice of the type of surface at this point must hit the point. It is definitely better to improve the design and make changes to the computer program than after purchasing and placing the paving stones, noting that not everything fits together.

A well-thought-out and well-planned composition will avoid disappointment and the feeling of poorly spent money. To contact an expert designer, contact Done Right. We are a team of professionals known for providing paver sealing all around Florida. In addition to designing the pavement, our creative team can create a custom project of paver sealing adapted to your needs. So, share your idea or space details with us and let us think of the best path for you.