There is something about summer that just begs for outdoor living.  Maybe it’s the sunshine or the warm weather, but whatever it is, nothing beats cooking and eating outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor kitchen, you’re in for a real treat. With plenty of space to work and all the amenities you need, an outdoor kitchen can make cooking a breeze. And if you’re not so lucky, don’t worry – we’ve got everything about a perfect outdoor kitchen and cooking spot. So get outside and start enjoying summer and winter!

Outdoor Kitchens Being A Luxury Item

Outdoor kitchens have swiftly moved from being a luxury item for custom-built homes to commonplace. Although a lot has been written about the growing popularity of the outdoor market, not much has been written about the factors behind the increase and how people view their use, purchase, and use of outdoor kitchens versus indoor ones.

Here’s A Quick Overview Of The Seven Main Findings That Emerged From The Study And The Reasons Why They Are Crucial For Builders And Remodelers.

  1. An outdoor kitchen is seen as a place to be, whereas interior kitchens are more like a room. Our research revealed that people perceive outdoor and indoor kitchens differently. Outdoor kitchens are about having fun, while the indoor kitchen is characterized by more function. When you plan to sell the outdoor kitchen, allow the owner to share their ultimate outdoor experience and create the space around their desires.
  2. Certain aspects of an outdoor kitchen can make homeowners feel attracted to the place. Our research showed that an outdoor kitchen requires more than just a place to cook. Owners desire a connection with their home and their outdoor space by incorporating things that make them special, exciting, and memorable. That includes fireplaces, fountains, or pizza ovens.
  3. Outdoor spaces are a must for homeowners. They should feel like a living space. Research has clearly shown that the people who live in their outdoor spaces have an aesthetic consistent with the rest of their homes. It should be a distinct living area with comfortable seating, built-in grill overhead lighting, a canopy or roof, and unique and exciting accessories.
  4. The homeowners in the study looked at various outdoor spaces. From the 12 options that they had, this was their top choice. It has the majority of features that homeowners consider significant and valuable.
  5. Homeowners with outdoor kitchens wanted to make sure they had added features to their kitchens. Many regret not including certain aspects in the case of outdoor kitchen owners who already had their own space. A pizza oven built into the kitchen is on the highest of their list. A stove, a built-in grill, and a standalone grill were also on the list.
  6. The buyers want a home that can be expanded shortly. More than 90 % of homeowners said it was very appealing to have an option that allows for future expansion.
  7. The ability to work outdoors is thought to be vital to consumers’ decision-making process choosing the right contractor.

Design the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you have a large backyard or a cozy one, There’s an outdoor kitchen option that will meet your requirements. When planning for your backyard kitchen, consider these three tips to make your guests smile.

Tech-Savvy Accessories

The latest technology could revolutionize how you utilize the outdoor kitchen. From hibachi or wood-firing grills to industrial ranges and smokers, The options are endless when deciding the best outdoor cooking method.

Smart Storage Solutions For Smart Storage

An outdoor kitchen is a top priority among many homeowners. A fashionable bar cart is an easy storage solution. In addition to entertaining, the bar chart can be used as an additional food preparation space. 

Lifestyle-Friendly Material

In creating a practical, long-lasting outdoor kitchen, homeowners must select products that stand up to the elements, extreme temperatures, and daily use. Native hardscapes like tiles, stone, and brick are highly recommended. Sturdy stainless steel items are popular for outdoor use. Granite for countertops is the most sought-after option, but concrete and tile are also great options for budget-conscious homeowners. With the many possibilities, available homeowners can find sturdy materials that will fit their aesthetic and budget.

Last Thoughts

It’s important to understand the science behind your outdoor kitchen before you make a decision. The more information you have, the easier it will be to pick out what type of building process is right for you and your family. For example, if we discussed how heat rises so high in an oven or stovetop that people can’t stand near them without getting burned on their face and hands, would this change your mind about having one? How do these principles apply to cooking outdoors? Let us know – our team has some ideas!