More and more people choose to install a pergola in their sunny outdoor areas to better withstand the summer heat. It is a very smart option to reduce the temperature of your home, gain ground against the harmful rays of the sun, create rest and enjoyment areas for adults and play areas for children. In addition, another advantage of the pergola is the possibility of incorporating it into its structure or covering, Highly decorative lights will allow you to take advantage of this space during summer or winter nights.

As you already know, there are many types of pergolas – a name that refers to the structure itself that supports the covering. They can be fixed, occasional, or mobile, made up of metal, wooden, aluminium, PVC, masonry columns (with bricks, for example…).

To choose your ideal pergola, you have to consider several factors. The first is the budget, of course. But then you must take into account the style of your patio, terrace, or garden: the decoration, the colours, and the type of constructions that will surround the pergola, the existing materials. And also the climatology of your region: wind, rain … anticipating the resistance to atmospheric phenomena that the structure must have.

What Shape Will Your Pergola And Its Covering Have?

Calculate the projection of the sun on your outdoor space and the aesthetics that you want to give the whole: you can choose rectangular, square, circular coverings or with other more original and totally custom shapes.

Here are some suggestions with the latest trends:

The Wooden Pergolas, Romantic But More Expensive

You know we have a weakness for wood. The personality and naturalness that it gives to any object or structure are incomparable with any other material.

Obviously, its installation is more expensive and takes more time, but if you want to give a rustic touch to your country house, it is an option to consider. It will also be necessary to carry out a periodic check for termites and other problems derived from the elements and renew your paint from time to time to protect it from rain and sun.

Did you know…? The pergolas are architectural elements of greater longevity than the green tunnels of the gardens of the High Middle Ages and early Renaissance. The natural artificiality of the pergolas made them one of the favourite elements of the naturalistic English-style gardens of the 18th and 19th centuries. Some of the most beautiful pergolas were made with brick and stone pillars and rigid crossbars as characteristic elements of the gardens.

Heather Or Hurdle Cover For Light Cooling

Its resistance to humidity is perfect to protect those summer feasts from the sun with a rustic and country touch that will keep you away from the noise of the city but will allow the sun’s rays and the wind to pass through a bit.

Bamboo: Modern, Light, Resistant, And Ecological

Bamboo is in fashion: it is elegant, its production is more respectful with the environment and you can choose from a wide variety of lengths and thicknesses to create the structure of your pergola.

Textile Cover, A Very Versatile Classic

It can be stretched or folded canvases and you have a very extensive range of materials, finishes, colours, thicknesses, etc. that will help you protect the inner area of the pergola from UV rays from 300gr/m².

A Pergola Covered With Glass To Avoid The Rain, Instead Of The Sun

Although the most normal thing is to install a pergola or an awning to create shade, in many regions rainfall can be a major problem throughout the year -and we do not look at anyone, Austrians… :P

That is why a laminated glass cover is perfect to protect the patio from rain, wind, and hail, which, yes, must have a very solid and resistant pergola structure. Polycarbonate sheets offer us a resistance similar to that of glass at a lower price and with a lower weight. The problem with this material is that it is less resistant to stains.



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