Having a covered outdoor kitchen can be a good idea for outdoor lunches and dinners. This is an excellent alternative, especially if you are lucky enough to have a house with a patio, terrace, or garden. A covered outdoor kitchen, in fact, will allow you to give a special touch to your home.

You can organize parties, receptions, or celebrate the holidays with all your family and friends while avoiding people constantly entering and leaving the main areas. It is a comfortable, practical, and very original alternative for those who have a lot of space around the house. Here are some ideas and suggestions that you will need to set up a covered outdoor kitchen without making mistakes.

Covered Outdoor Kitchen

Covered Outdoor Kitchen

The Different Options for a Covered Outdoor Kitchen

There are several alternatives that will allow you to install a covered outdoor kitchen. You can integrate it directly into the ground floor of the main house, open a kitchen with access from the garage or patio, build one on the terrace or in the corner of the garden. There are several things to consider when choosing how and where to place your new kitchen outdoor.

For this reason, we show you how you should do it and which furniture and accessories are indispensable for this style of cooking.

Covered Outdoor Kitchen on the Ground Floor

To create a covered outdoor kitchen, you can simply adapt your home kitchen to open space outwards. This is the most immediate and practical solution if this room is located on the ground floor, with direct access to the garden. To carry out this project, it is necessary to incorporate large windows with sliding doors. This way, you can open them freely, and you will have plenty of light and fresh air when you cook.

In addition, direct access to the garden will make the kitchen look very special. You will be surrounded by green grass, trees, and plants. If you wish, you can set up a real dining room outside. In this way, you will have lunch and dinner in direct contact with the kitchen and nature: a practical option and, at the same time, very visual.

Outdoor Kitchen on the Patio

If you have a patio in your home areas, you can set up a kitchen inside. Since it will be exposed to the elements, you will need to build a suitable cover. The solutions, in this sense, can be different according to your budget and the space available. An awning or a pergola will be ideal for protecting this covered outdoor kitchen from rain or sunlight, especially in summer.

The rustic style is certainly the most suitable for this type of cuisine. Assembling a kitchen top in stone, granite or terracotta bricks is undoubtedly an excellent idea. You will top it all off with a small sink and a hob with a grill, inserting a table and chairs to create a small dining room. You will have a more intimate and practical environment for you and your guests. A covered outdoor kitchen perfect for spending time with family or friends.

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Outdoor Kitchen in the Garden

If you have a large garden, you can easily carve out a corner to install a covered outdoor kitchen. Unlike the patio model, you can create a much more original environment.

For example, you can build a path in the garden to connect the house to the outdoor kitchen. Furthermore, if you also have a swimming pool, it will undoubtedly be a good idea to set it upright on one side of it. Try setting up a rigid platform in your covered outdoor kitchen. A wooden or porcelain stoneware floor will be perfect for allowing people to enjoy an aperitif while relaxing by the pool.

Outdoor Kitchen On the Terrace

The last option, which we present in this article, concerns the covered outdoor kitchen on the terrace. If you live in a high-rise apartment, perhaps with a sea view, this will be a good idea to take advantage of in summer. Try to take advantage of all the available space by choosing a kitchen model in the shape of “U” or “L,” according to the availability of space and your needs.

The goal is twofold: to maximize space but avoid obstructing the passage.

Install a worktop with a countertop, sink, and a small covered grill. Then, insert a small table and chairs in the center to create your dining room in the same space. Installing a tent can serve to create sufficient shade. This way, in the summer, you will have an intimate space for cooking and having fun outdoors, in the company of family or friends.

Furniture For a Covered Outdoor Kitchen

Obviously, you will need kitchen appliances and furniture. Remember to choose robust models capable of withstanding various atmospheric factors. You can incorporate a granite, stone or concrete countertop, for example, with a small sink and covered grill. If you want to add shelves or cabinets, where you will keep crockery, cutlery and glasses, we advise you to choose materials such as aluminum or treated wood without ever forgetting a good top cover.

It is also possible to incorporate a table with steel chairs. This material is very resistant and will be ideal for embellishing this outdoor space.

As you have seen, you can create your covered outdoor kitchen in various ways, and all of them offer exciting aesthetic solutions. Remember to calculate the available space well and to choose furniture and appliances suitable for this type of use. No less important is the choice of position, which must always be functional.

Follow these simple tips, and you can spend unforgettable moments outdoors with your new covered outdoor kitchen.

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