To Seal or Not to Seal… that is the question? So many times we are asked, is it required to seal my pavers? Well for us, the answer is no it is not required, BUT there are so many great benefits of taking this extra step!

Look below to see some of the advantages:

  • Limits the Growth of Grass and Weeds

    • The look of having grass or weeds coming up between your pavers is very displeasing. While sealing cannot stop this permanently, it will help prevent them from growing in as much or as often.
  • Works as a great Water and Stain Repellant

    • Water damage can completely devastate the look and feel of your brick pavers. If you have a paver driveway especially, the sealer is great with preventing oil stains from your car or potentially other guests you might have!
    • Or if you like to entertain in your new back paver patio, the sealer will make it much easier to clean up any potential messes.
  • Reduces Loosening or Cracks

    • Making sure your pavers are tight at the joints is very important. Even prior to sealing, we make sure we spread polymeric sand all around to prevent from them loosening. Sealing greatly reduces this risk of cracks or loose pavers for years to come.
  • Strengthens your Pavers

    • This can even be a huge money saver as time goes on. The sealer will make sure your pavers are much stronger and prevent future cracking or breaking.
  • Enhances the Overall Look

    • Once your pavers are sealed, you are going to have wonderful looking paver for much longer and your pavers will last much longer.

In conclusion, the answer to the question to seal or not to seal…I think the benefits speak for themselves. Not only will they look better, but there will also be less maintenance going forward and your paver will last much longer!

It is also important to note, we do not recommend that you seal your pavers right away. It is best to wait at least two months after your paving job is completed.