If having lunch and dinner in the open air is an essential habit during the summer, building an outdoor kitchen will make everything more comfortable. Outdoor kitchens can be customized in various details, both for functionality and aesthetics. The project requires assessing aspects such as the user’s needs, the budget, and the size of the available space.

To arrive at the most suitable solution, these elements must be put together to create a tailor-made project corresponding to expectations. It could be a very simple kitchen, equipped with a barbecue grill for occasional use, or a more articulated outdoor area, complete with all appliances.

Owning a kitchen on the terrace or in the garden is a plus for a home. With a good project, you get a charming living space and at the same time full of style. If the kitchen is added later, good integration into the outdoor space may require changes in distribution and adjustments. If not present, it will also be necessary to create the necessary systems to have water, electricity, or gas to connect the kitchen too.

man cooking outdoor kitchen

man cooking outdoor kitchen

Designing an outdoor kitchen is not very different from the logic needed to create an indoor kitchen. What changes are mainly the materials, which must be resistant to the atmospheric agents to which they are exposed? Therefore, materials such as stainless steel, tropical woods, or stone materials suitable for outdoor use should be preferred, or you can create a built-in kitchen.

Linear Outdoor Kitchen Equipped With Every Comfort

Arranging the various kitchen modules in line is a very functional and practical solution, as long as it is not excessively developed in length, to the point of making the path from one element to another tiring. If you have ample space, you can make a second line of furniture parallel to the main one, which will act as an island if the kitchen opens onto open space. This increases the worktops that can also be used as a counter if you add stools.

With a good design in a small space, you can concentrate on everything you need for an outdoor kitchen. A compact kitchen block is ideal when you do not want to allocate a large surface area of ​​your outdoor environment to this function but want to have practicality and comfort.

Design solutions are designed to offer the essentials for preparing outdoor food in the development of a few linear meters, without ever forgetting the contribution of a pleasant aesthetic result in creating outdoor living environments. Several people can also use it at the same time without creating obstacles.

Practical and Rational L-Shaped Kitchen

Another option to consider is the layout of the L-shaped outdoor kitchen. This solution can be built against one or more walls so that the kitchen is repaired or free-standing. The functionality of this corner distribution is given by obtaining the famous work triangle, always to be taken into consideration when designing a kitchen according to the principles of ergonomics. This type of development, in fact, allows you to have small distances to cover to reach the different functional areas while using the kitchen, improving its practicality of use.

An outdoor kitchen with L-shaped distribution, in addition to being functional, occupies the space well and helps to organize it. If you have a large open surface, you can place the kitchen in such a way as to divide it into different environments according to functionality. For example, separating the dining area from the living area by placing the kitchen in the center.

U-shaped Outdoor Kitchen: Small But Functional

A kitchen that is characterized by a U-shaped development allows you to optimize space by obtaining all the functionality necessary for cooking outdoors in a small area. A kitchen of this kind can be positioned in the center of the space, becoming the focal corner of the outdoor environment. By placing it in a central position, it will be accessible from all sides to satisfy the chef’s ego.

Outdoor Kitchen With Large Island

Through special projects, the outdoor environment is made special, which will become an attraction for the home and will be loved by guests.

If the island is a must for indoor kitchens outdoors, it becomes a real gem. You can indulge yourself in designing a large and fully equipped island. It can be treated as if it were a pavilion, with its cover and stools for consuming freshly cooked food and with access from all sides. This solution is ideal for spending time in good company around the grill or stove.

Outdoor Kitchen: an Equipped Barbecue Area

If it is not necessary to have a complete kitchen, but you prefer to focus on a perfectly equipped barbecue area, the project will focus on this function.

The barbecue represents an alternative and fun way of cooking, very friendly and informal. To make a barbecue in maximum comfort, it is necessary to have a grill and support surfaces that facilitate preparations. By also adding a stainless steel plate, you can make a different kind of cooking, light and without the addition of fat. It is also helpful to have a small fridge to store drinks in a cool place.

There are various barbecue models to choose from according to your needs. This decision will mainly be influenced by the place of use and its characteristics, the space available, and the frequency with which you want to use the barbecue. The options to be evaluated are:

  • A Charcoal Barbecue is the best known, but for those who are unfamiliar with cooking on the grill, it can be challenging to achieve optimal results;
  • Gas Barbecue produces little smoke and requires short cooking times. It is practical and simple to use since the temperature is easily adjusted through the burner knobs;
  • An Electric Barbecue is similar to an electric grill and is suitable for sporadic use.

The barbecues with a lid are functional and allow for perfect cooking even for thick foods, as the heat reaches the inside. Installing a built-in barbecue has a stunning effect. However, it is a fixed structure that is preferable to install where there is a cover. Needing a mobile solution instead, the free-standing models should be considered, which move effortlessly wherever you want to set up the barbecue.

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