Sprinkler system installation in Florida is a great way to save water and money. Keeping your lawn green and healthy with a sprinkler system is essential. However, properly installed sprinklers make keeping the lawn watered properly easier, leading to unnecessary water use and wasted money. In this blog post, we will discuss when and why you should consider an automated watering system and how it can save you both water and money.

Why Do Floridians Need to Save Water? 

Water is a precious resource in Florida, it is especially important to use it wisely. The state experiences water shortages and restrictions during periods of drought.  However, the water shortage can be problematic for homeowners who want to maintain their lawns and gardens.  Additionally, using too much water during these times can lead to fines or legal action, so installing a sprinkler system from Done Right is essential.

What Happens Without Sprinkler Installation?

Without a sprinkler system, homeowners must manually water their lawns and gardens, which can lead to water waste. Further, it is easy to remember to turn off the hose or water areas that don’t need it, leading to efficient water use. You can set the timer and forget about it with a sprinkler system. After that, the sprinklers will water your lawn and garden according to a predetermined schedule, so you won’t have to worry about waste.

Why is Automated Watering Better? 

A sprinkler system is a perfect solution to ensure that your lawn and garden receive the necessary amount of water without wasting any. A sprinkler system delivers water to your plants evenly and correctly at the right time. Once installed correctly, you won’t need to water your lawn manually. Furthermore, manually watering your lawn and garden can be time-consuming on top of wasting water. The sprinkler system automates the process, making it easier and more convenient. 

Why is Sprinkler Installation a Smart Choice? 

When a professional installs your sprinkler system, they will ensure it is properly calibrated and works efficiently.  Further, they will ensure that your yard receives the appropriate amount of water and that there is no waste. Sprinkler systems are a smart choice for homeowners who wish to save both water and money. Therefore, you can maintain a beautiful lawn and garden by using water efficiently and automating the process with Done Right. So if you are considering a sprinkler system, ensure you get it with Done Right. Our team of experts will install it without any hassle. 

What are The Benefits of Professional Installation? 

Installing a sprinkler system by a professional provides a variety of benefits. 

  • The watering system will be more productive with a professional installer. You will not have to water your yard manually after installation. 
  • Taking advantage of a professional team can also save you lots of money. Additionally, the professional will ensure that your yard is properly watered. Your water bill will be lower, and you won’t have to replace dying plants. 
  • In addition, a sprinkler system will make your yard look beautiful. You can increase the value of your home with a lush, green lawn and garden. 

 When Done Right experts install your sprinkler system, they ensure your yard looks great all year round, and you get all these benefits. 

How Do Lawns Become Lush With Sprinkler Systems?

Conserving water in your yard is as easy as installing a sprinkler system. However, it is a scientifically proven way to efficiently distribute water to your plants. In addition, one of the main reasons sprinkler systems work so well is that they distribute water uniformly across your yard. Water is shared equally across all plants, regardless of location. In contrast, traditional watering methods, such as hand-watering or hose-spraying, tend to waste a lot of water by saturating some areas and leaving others dry.

How Can You Control The System of Watering? 

You can control how often and how long the sprinklers water by setting the timer. This means you can program your system to water at optimal times of the day when water evaporation is low, and your plants can absorb the most water. Similarly,  sprinkler systems utilize water pressure to deliver water to your plants. The water is released through small, evenly-spaced nozzles, which reduces water runoff and erosion. Additionally, the pressure allows the water to penetrate the soil deeply, ensuring that the roots receive the water they need to grow.


Sprinkler system installation can save you time and effort if installed correctly. With a manual watering system, you must remember to regularly water your plants and move the hose around your yard. However, the sprinkler systems are automatic, so you just have to set and forget them. Your plants will receive the needed water, and you can enjoy your yard instead of worrying about watering it. By installing a sprinkler system through Done Right, you can do your part to protect our precious water resources and enjoy a beautiful and healthy yard at the same time. So before your yard gets dried, contact our professional Done Right team to install sprinklers.