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Landscaping is the first thing people see as they approach your home and first impressions are hard to get back. Selling your home, hosting an occasion, wanting to get ahead of the Jones's? Landscaping has a huge impact and can completely change to appearance of your homes exterior. We enhance the characteristics of your home and lot without crowding it. We know what will do well in specific soil and sunlight conditions, we know what plants will look like a decade from now, our experts will advise you on what makes good sense. Our business is built on happy customers, we know your landscape and your satisfaction, is our best advertisement.

We start with listening intently to what is important to you, the future playset for your newborn, the pool you want to add in a few years or maybe this is a starter home that you want to resell in a year or two. Most of our jobs have a year one and a year two installation plan. We work within your budget and suggest the priorities to undertake initially. The most important aspect is a master plan of the eventual look when completed. Our designer has full computer aided design capabilities, we can take pictures before installations and then add the trees and plants into the photos to give you the installed version of the landscape before we put a shovel in the ground!

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Most of us work during the day and enjoy our homes and family in the evening. Why not light up your investment? Landscape lighting offers a romantic feel with a bonus of added security on walkways, steps, and entrances, lights feature the most attractive parts of your home. Landscape lighting is one of the most enjoyable installations we do. Lighting is such an enhancing feature, most wonder why they did not do it sooner. It is by far the most addictive service we provide to our customers. Most customers call us back  to add more lighting in other areas.LED’s are taking over! They offer much lower operating cost with extended life spans. The latest equipment is by far superior and much more economical than what was being produced even several years ago. LED lights require a fraction of the power needed for halogen and incandescent bulbs. With thousands of hours of run time, maintenance is greatly reduced as well.

We only install commercially rated, stainless steel, lifetime transformers and solid brass fixtures for your peace of mind. Anyone who has installed big box store lighting kits can appreciate the frustration of failed transformers and corroded fixtures after only a couple of years. Lighting needs to be done by someone who knows lighting. We don’t mind fixing problems but, unfortunately it could have been avoided by proper installation techniques. Poor voltage/wattage distribution and bad un-insulated splices will doom even the best of intentions. Yes there is a bit of a science to it and we have considerable amounts of training, by manufacturers and hundreds of quality systems installed by our well educated staff.






Key Benefits of the Service

We can completely change the appearance of the exterior of your home. We are experts in design that can take your desires and bring them to reality.

  Lighting adds safety and security to your property
  Increases your houses curb appeal and value significantly
  We select material that will last for years with low maintenance
  We can “ dress up” your existing landscape, saving you money
  We create an overall plan then let you prioritize



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