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Irrigation design has to coincide with proper plant knowledge. At Done Right, education comes first. Some of our credentials include; graduate of the Institute of Florida Agricultural Sciences program, Master Gardener’s certification, certified in Erosion and Storm water control, advanced studies in fluid hydraulics, and multiple design/service specific education programs. Now couple that with our 30 plus years of field application, using our knowledge in the largest of irrigation systems, to knowing what plant requirements are, and beyond. This is all the beginning of a well-planned system.


Drip irrigation systems are becoming more and more popular, as everyone is being more considerate of water being a valuable resource. Drip tube is installed at the soil surface and waters directly to the root of the plant. Typical overhead sprinkler systems water from above and broadcast entire areas watering everything in the area, including areas not needed. The evaporation of water is increased, runoff onto sidewalks and driveways then happens as the soil saturates. Bottom line: drip is more efficient. You can enjoy a beautiful landscape and feel good about how you provide water to it. Our technicians are experts in low volume systems and can explain your options with this economical use of water.


In Florida, tropical weather can be fast and furious, at times somewhat relentless. Those wet areas just start to dry and along comes another afternoon shower. Muddy feet being tracked in the house, poor plant performance due to the plants drowning at the root. There is an answer.At Done Right, we have handled a huge amount of drainage problems. Actually, most issues start at areas of accumulation. Roofs, pool decks, patios, and driveways can account for huge amounts of water. If you calculate the total area and multiply that by an inch of rain, all that water coming down in a few areas adds up to a significant amount of runoff. Heavy soils that just won’t percolate can also cause issues in low areas, either way we can create drainage plans to solve most any problem.Sometimes it is just as simple as a lower volume nozzle for sprinkler heads or shortened zone run time. All of the tools to cure these issues are frequently utilized by our technicians. From french drains, strip drains, catch basins, downspout re-directions we have a plan to fit your needs. Call the experts to solve your issues and leave the mud behind.






Key Benefits of the Service

Conservation is the key! Over watering is a waste of a valuable resource and over watering can cause many health issues for your lawn and garden.

  Using less, costs you less!
  Plants and Lawns roots system will grow deeper
  We know plants water requirements
  We adhere to local code parameters
  We regularly attend continuing education courses



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